(Trenton) – Today, the New Jersey Democratic State Committee announced the approval the 2016 Delegate Selection Plan for the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, July 25–28.

In late April, a draft plan was available for public comment for 30 days as required by Democratic Party rules. The comment period is now closed, and State Committee members have voted to approve the document, which outlines procedures for selecting delegates to the presidential nominating convention hosted by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) every four years.

Currently, New Jersey has been allotted a total of 126 delegates and 9 alternates. More than half of the delegates will be apportioned to districts proportionally based on party registration, census population, and previous election results. These delegates will be divided among the Democratic candidates based on the state’s presidential primary results, and consistent with DNC rules. New Jersey’s state-run presidential primary is scheduled for June 7, 2016.

New Jersey’s delegation will also include party leaders and elected officials, such as the State Party Chair and Vice Chair, members of Congress, National Committee members, and legislative leadership.

The Party has adopted specific goals for historically under-represented groups, including African Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, women, members of the LGBT community, people with disabilities, and youth. In accordance with DNC rules, half of the state’s delegation to the National Convention must be women. These goals and requirements for diverse representation will ensure that the composition of New Jersey’s Democratic delegation reflects the electorate at-large.

“I am pleased with our delegate selection plan. It encourages participation from members of minority communities, including LGBT people, disabled persons, and the youth, and it practically guarantees that New Jersey Democrats' delegation in Philadelphia reflects the rich diversity of our state’s communities.” said the Chairman of the New Jersey Democratic State Committee John Currie. “I am also confident that our inclusive outreach efforts will pay dividends in next year's general election, helping to rally support from every corner of our state for whomever we select as our presidential nominee next year."

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