Advocating Violence Against Elected Official Unacceptable

(Trenton) – The New Jersey Democratic State Committee is calling on Atlantic County Sheriff Frank Balles, a candidate for the state senate seat held by Senator Jim Whelan, to hand in his badge after advocating violence against the incumbent.

At a public forum captured on video, Balles says, "When someone's been elected for 30 years and he comes knocking on your door and tells you, 'Listen, this is what I want to do to help you,' quickly close your door, go inside," and, after a member of the audience interjects, Balles quickly adds, "And get your gun, exactly!"
"Encouraging violence toward any elected official is bad enough, but when it comes from the head of a law enforcement agency it's absolutely reprehensible," said Justin Myers, Executive Director of the New Jersey Democratic State Committee. “Balles’ remark is totally unacceptable. We have seen how this type of irresponsible language can lead to actual violence, as was the case in the brutal attack on Congresswoman Gabby Giffords of Arizona. Not only does Frank Balles not belong in the legislature, he has disgraced his uniform and the Atlantic County Sheriff's Department and should hand in his badge immediately.”

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