Ruben Scolavino

For US Congress - District 4

Ruben Scolavino is running to represent New Jersey’s 4th District and to replace Republican incumbent Chris Smith - a radical and reckless right-winger who has spearheaded the Republican war on women.

Most of Smith’s constituents don’t even know who their Congressman is, partly because he lays low and doesn’t tell them the whole truth about issues such as his opposition to gun control.

Scolavino, 39, came to the U.S. from Uruguay when he was six years old, and is committed to enacting immigration reform that provides undocumented immigrants a path to U.S. citizenship — as long as they don’t have criminal records — that offers the same opportunities he has enjoyed.

Scolavino, who put himself through college by working three jobs, says he’s been lucky. “I have a wife I have been with for 19 years, I have a nice house, I have a practice that’s doing well. I teach college,” he said. Running for Congress is his way to “give back” to the country that allowed him to prosper, first as a prosecutor and now as an attorney in private practice.

He supports raising the minimum wage as a means to help working people who have not benefited from recent economic gains.

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