Governor Continues To Avoid Messes He’s Made

(Trenton) — Chairman of the New Jersey Democratic State Committee John Currie commented on Governor Chris Christie’s fiscal year 2017 budget address today, suggesting that it was in need of a reality check.

The governor’s remarks come less than a week after he placed a miserable 7th place in the New Hampshire presidential primary election despite spending at least 70 days misleading and berating voters there. For all of his efforts and all of the taxpayer money spent providing out-of-state security protection, Christie received zero delegates to the Republican national nominating convention.

“Let’s, for a moment, put aside that Chris Christie neglected his job for most of the year, has historically low approval ratings, and probably cobbled together his speech in the time since his failed presidential run forced him return to New Jersey,” said Chairman Currie. “Several important facts remain: Christie’s economic policies have never worked, he owes hundreds of millions of dollars to the pension system, he bankrupted the Transportation Trust Fund, he abandoned victims of Superstorm Sandy and Winter storm Jonas, and property taxes have continued to rise during his tenure. So, it is impossible to take Chris Christie seriously, much less at his word. If he cared about our state, he would step aside as more than half of New Jersey wants him to do.”

If Governor Christie finds New Jersey’s political landscape inhospitable, he only has himself to blame. He returns to Trenton still under a cloud of suspicion for a variety of legal controversies, management scandals, policy failures, and acts of ethical misconduct. And, in the last election, voters rejected Christie’s conservative agenda to give Democrats the largest State Assembly majority since Watergate.

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