Peter Jacob

District 7

Peter Jacob wants to work hard representing you, your family, and our community in the United States House of Representatives.

Raised in Union, New Jersey, Peter understands how important a safe and caring community is to success. After attending Union County College, he continued undergraduate studies in Sociology at Kean University. Soon after, Peter studied at Washington University in St. Louis, earning a Master of Social Work from the top-ranked program in the nation. During his undergraduate and graduate years, Peter was a student activist and leader. He worked with the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women (CATW), the YWCA, and the International Institute. Through these and other community organizations, Peter helped fight the ongoing scourges of child abuse, human trafficking, and disastrous Iraq War. Meanwhile, he continued to proudly campaign for healthcare reform, environmental sustainability, and immigrant integration back here in the United States.

At Washington University, Peter realized his skills and passion for public service. After moving back to New Jersey, he immediately began work as a community organizer, developing and maintaining a homeless shelter program through a coalition of churches, businesses, schools, hospitals, and individuals. A government official once referred to the position as “the last pit stop before hell” for the most vulnerable in the area. Peter witnessed the impact of the financial crisis on families firsthand, working with them to rebuild after losing homes, jobs, and healthcare insurance. These experiences of assisting the most vulnerable sticks with Peter to this day. He cares about our friends and neighbors who battle mental diseases, senior citizens who have to choose between medicine and food, and working class families seeking life-saving assistance. Peter has served those seeking a way out of poverty in the past, and will do the same down in Washington.

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