New Jersey Governor’s Speaking Out Of Both Sides Of His Mouth, Campaigning For Senate Candidate Whose Position He Opposes

(Trenton) -- As Republican extremists in Congress work to derail the federal government and shut down essential services that millions of citizens rely on, “America's most overrated governor” Chris Christie wants you to know that he is 100 percent, squarely behind both sides of the issue.

On a government shutdown, Christie was for it before he was against it, although he’s still stumping and raising money for a candidate who supports it – so, there’s that.
•    Initially, Christie suggested that Republicans in Washington would be right to bring the nation toward a possible default on its debt or even a partial-government shutdown saying, “You have to use every bit of leverage you have to be able to negotiate.” [Star-Ledger1/9/13]

•    And just last week, Christie was busy raising money and campaigning for his favorite GOP Senate candidate, Steve Lonegan. Meanwhile, Lonegan, was tweeting, “Nothing to be afraid of in govt shutdown…Shutdown shows how to cut govt spending.” [@Lonegan, 9/25/13]

•    But, yesterday, Christie told CBS News, a government shutdown would be “a failure,” and that it would be “irresponsible.” [CBS News9/26/13]
“On issues of national importance -- to say nothing of his failed policies and misleading rhetoric in New Jersey -- Chris Christie will absolutely, positively, tell it to you straight... from multiple angles,” said Matt Farrauto, communications director for the New Jersey State Democratic Committee. “Christie has a lot of people fooled with his help-yourself smorgasbord of political beliefs, but New Jersey voters deserve better than a politician who brashly talks out of two sides of his mouth.”

Defaulting on the country’s debt payments – money that Congress has already authorized the federal government to spend – could have devastating consequences at a time when New Jersey is suffering from the failed economic policies of the Christie administration.

The 1995 government shutdown delayed the issuance of visas and passports, as well as mortgage loan applications for moderate and low-income families. Similarly, another shutdown could halt Social Security and Medicare services, and stop federal law enforcement from pursuing cases. Toxic waste cleanup at Superfund sites could stop, and veterans might not receive the benefits they deserve.

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