Bergen GOP Chair Bob Yudin Has It Backwards: Says Garrett Should "Be Congratulated" for Dragging Feet on Sandy Relief, Thinks Misleading Attacks Are Becoming of County Executive

(Trenton) -- New Jersey State Democratic Chairman John Currie today blasted Bergen County Republican Chairman Bob Yudin for comments made to PolitickerNJ that just seem backwards.

Yesterday, Yudin said Rep. Scott Garrett "should be congratulated" for his foot-dragging in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, remaining silent while the rest of New Jersey's congressional delegation put aside party labels to rally federal storm aid for storm victims. An apologist for right-wing extremists, Yudin also recently defended Republican Bergen County Executive Kathleen Donovan, whose first campaign ad is premised on misleading claims.

Garrett was the only member of the state's House delegation to fail to sign a letter urging Speaker John Boehner for an expedited, bipartisan aid package. When Boehner delayed a vote on Sandy aid, Garrett failed to advocate for Bergen County's families, leaving his colleagues to fight to bring the aid package to a vote. Garrett even said he "was still looking" at whether to even support voting for Sandy aid storm victims nearly two months after the storm hit the state.

Currie noted that Garrett's indifference to victims of natural disaster was nothing new, given that he was among only 11 members of Congress to vote to deny aid to victims of Hurricane Katrina.

"Maybe Bob Yudin should be congratulated for once again showing how out of touch Scott Garrett is with the people he is supposed to represent, especially those families devastated by the worst storm to ever hit our state. His comments demean the work of the bipartisan coalition of officials from every level who came together to make sure New Jersey's families were made whole following the storm -- a coalition that Scott Garrett never joined.

When North Jersey needed him most, Scott Garrett was nowhere to be found. Communities struggled to clean up, but Scott Garrett never bothered to inquire about what assistance they needed. And, as New Jersey's representatives came together to fight for our state, Scott Garrett stayed far away.

"It's embarrassing that this is what Chairman Yudin considers 'leadership' - failed conservatives like Kathleen Donovan and Scott Garrett who attack first and mislead later. I'm sure many Bergen County residents would strongly disagree with Mr. Yudin that Scott Garrett's indifference to suffering is something to be proud of, just as they'll disagree that Ms. Donovan's failures make her deserving of another term."


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