Democratic Chairman Reacts to New Poll Showing That A Majority of NJ Voters Think Governor Christie Should Resign

[Trenton] -- Today, New Jersey State Democratic Chairman John Currie reacted to a new poll that shows a majority of New Jerseyans want Governor Chris Christie to resign. 

As news reports indicate, more than half of Garden State voters want Governor Christie to resign if he continues his overly-ambitious quest for the presidency, believing that his out-of-state campaigning compromises his ability to do his day job. The governor has spent all or part of over 120 days this year out-of-state campaigning. 

"If we are telling it like it is, then New Jersey is just not that into Governor Christie," said Chairman Currie. "With all of New Jersey’s problems -- many of them caused or exacerbated by this governor's misguided priorities -- Governor Christie shouldn't be phoning-in his day job. New Jersey voters are sick and tired of his double standards, excuses and excesses."

“New Jersey voters have spoken — Chris Christie, stop using us as a personal stepping stone and our tax dollars as your political piggy-bank," Currie said. "Based on these poll results, I am in the majority when I say this: Governor Christie should resign.”

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