(Trenton) -- Today, New Jersey Democratic State Committee Chairman John Currie complimented Republican primary voters for rejecting Governor Chris Christie’s candidacy, and for sending him back to the state he has neglected for 261 partial or full days last year and most of this year -- roughly 300 days in total.

“New Jersey appreciates Iowa and New Hampshire primary voters rejecting Chris Christie’s policy failures, scandals, and misleading rhetoric. He has no business being promoted to the presidency after what he’s done to New Jersey,” said Chairman Currie. “It’s time for him to grab a mop and attend to the countless messes he created and then avoided for so long. Better yet, he should do what a majority of New Jersey wants him to do: resign.”

Despite media efforts to prop him up and his penchant for misleading others about both his prospects and his record, Christie’s presidential campaign finally appears to be over. However, Christie’s legacy of scandal and mismanagement remain, along with countless lingering policy failures.

New Jersey’s credit rating has been downgraded a record nine times, property taxes have risen, job growth is among the weakest in the nation, survivors of Superstorm Sandy are still reeling from the Christie administration’s botched recovery effort, the governor’s promise to fund public employee pensions remains unfulfilled, the state's transportation trust fund is empty, and our infrastructure is dangerously dilapidated.

“So, welcome home, Governor Christie,” added Currie, sarcastically.

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