(Trenton) — Tonight, the leaders of the New Jersey Democratic State Committee, Chairman John Currie and Vice Chair Lizette Delgado-Polanco, issued the following joint statement, applauding President Barack Obama's plans to reform the nation's broken immigration system:

"We are proud that President Obama — like presidents before him of both major parties — is taking bold and practical action to relieve unnecessary suffering and to unburden an immigration system that is severely damaged."

"We support his decision to provide our neighbors, friends, and family members with a pathway forward — one that allows them to emerge from the shadows of our society, proud of the contributions they are making to our communities."

"It is long past time that the federal government focused on improving a system that has punished the next generation of Americans for circumstances beyond their control. We are thankful that President Obama is utilizing his authority while also giving the Republican Congress a lesson in responsibility.'

"Clearly, whether the Republican opposition reacts to this announcement with appreciation and understanding or hyperbole and fear will say more about their capacity to lead than it will about the President’s. As a nation founded and built by immigrants, tonight’s announcement is a proud affirmation of our founding fathers’ legacy — one that is worthy of our praise."


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