(Trenton) – Today, New Jersey Democratic State Committee Chairman John Currie announced the names of the delegation members who will represent Garden State Democrats at their party’s national convention in Philadelphia, July 25-28.

Currie will chair the delegation, while Vice Chairwoman Lizette Delgado-Polanco will serve as the delegation’s Vice Chair. In addition, a number of honorary chairs were named, including former state committee chair, Assemblyman John Wisniewski, the members of the Democratic congressional delegation, and party stalwart Tonio Burgos.

"We had a contested primary between Secretary Hillary Clinton and Senator Bernie Sanders, which has given us a dedicated and diverse set of Democrats from all across the state who are eager to keep our country moving forward. Now, we are working on a convention that unifies the party behind Hillary Clinton and forcefully argues for our shared vision and values -- and one that continues to break down barriers for everyday Americans while preserving the hard-earned progress made by President Barack Obama,” said Chairman Currie.

"By emphasizing our party's commitment to encouraging fairness and opportunity for all -- not fear, bigotry and division -- we will also present a sharp contrast between our positions and the positions associated with Donald Trump's Republicans," Currie added.

A complete list of delegates, including alternates and the appointed delegation pages, is available here. This list includes the individuals Chairman Currie appointed as honorary senior advisors, and who will help him manage delegation affairs during the busy week of convention activities.

Last weekend, state committee members also unanimously approved Chairman Currie's recommendation to newly appoint deserving New Jersey Democrats, John Graham and Bernadette McPherson, to the Democratic National Committee. They become DNC members subsequent to this year's convention.


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