Lorna Phillipson

District 4


Highly qualified candidate Lorna Phillipson is the Democrats’ brightest hope to defeat conservative Republican Congressman Chris Smith in 2016.

As a financial executive for several international banks, Lorna was responsible for trading and hedging billions of dollars in assets. Lorna was adjunct professor at New York University teaching classes and seminars in money market trading and economics. More recently, Lorna advised entrepreneurs and technology executives in Silicon Valley on business strategy and growth. Her key strengths are economic policy, entrepreneurship, international business, innovation, strategy, financial risk management, and corporate governance.

As a fiscally responsible social progressive, Lorna offers collaborative leadership. She understands the need to create efficient and effective bi-partisan legislation to promote better opportunities and prosperity for all Americans. Her top ten issues to address in Congress are:

· Developing Economic Policies for Job Growth

· Improving Tax Fairness and Equity

· Correcting Income Inequality and Introducing a Living Wage

· Access to Affordable Education

· Strengthening Social Security and Medicare

· Affordable, Accessible Healthcare, especially Women’s Reproductive Rights

· Assisting Our Military, Veterans, and their Families

· Expanding Social Justice, Human Rights, and LGBTQ Protections

· Expanding Environmental Protections

· Domestic Security and Gun Safety

A Jersey Shore resident, Lorna Phillipson attended Manasquan High School, Montclair State, and Wharton. Lorna worked minimum wage jobs and took the maximum in student loans to pay for her education. She understands the struggle to live on low wages and high debt.

Her father, Warren Papsdorf, was a Navy veteran of both WWII and the Korean War. He was a past president of the Manasquan Kiwanis Club. Her mother, Betty, remains active as a Jersey Shore Medical Center volunteer and in her community. Lorna attends St. Andrew’s United Methodist Church in Spring Lake. Lorna has four sisters: two are teachers, one is a former litigation attorney currently with TSA, and one is in corporate operations.

Lorna firmly believes in collaboration, communication, and cooperation to get things done. She will bring these strengths to the U.S. House of Representatives.

Contact the campaign at info@phillipsonforcongress.com or (917) 837-7144

Twitter @lornaphillipson

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