Democrats Stand Up for Rights of Voters Against Spurious Challenges,
Create Election Protection Hotline

(Trenton) -- The New Jersey State Democratic Committee is standing up to protect the rights of voters wrongly targeted by Republicans, who are engaged in various shenanigans to attempt to disenfranchise voters -- including a 90 year old World War II veteran still displaced by Superstorm Sandy.

In what appears to be a statewide effort, New Jersey Republicans are perverting the Democratic process by challenging the ballots of likely Democrats voters. They also argue, disingenuously, that voter suppression and voter disenfranchisement are wholesome activities. On the contrary, suppressing turnout, depriving qualified voters of their sacred franchise, and seeking to disqualify votes have nothing to do with integrity, and everything to do with manipulating election results. 

In just the last few days:

  • In Passaic County, Republicans announced plans to deploy teams of operatives for the purposes of harassing voters in Paterson.
  • In Burlington County, Republicans have employed patently fraudulent grounds to challenge ballots that voters returned to election officials.
  • In Monmouth County, Republicans, conspiring with the County Superintendent of Elections, are using intimidation tactics and underhanded challenges against people who have been displaced by Superstorm Sandy, as well as those who have not changed their registration in years.

"Rather than working hard and standing up for issues that resonate with New Jersey's diverse electorate, Republicans are, again, monkeying with the process. It's not a tactic; it's a pathetic form of cheating,” said New Jersey Democratic State Committee Chairman John Currie. "Clearly, they're scared that voters who are frustrated with Washington dysfunction, Tea Party extremism, and Chris Christie's failed economic policies will make themselves heard at the ballot box, as they should. Voters should not be intimidated. They have every reason and every right to cast their ballots, unfettered by political obstruction. That is why Democrats will continue to fight to ensure that everyone who wants to vote can – and that every vote is counted."

At Chairman Currie's direction, Democrats have set up a statewide voter protection hotline -- 609-256-3675 -- to combat voter suppression tactics. New Jersey voters encountering obstacles to the free and fair exercise of their franchise may call the hotline.

Governor Chris Christie has consistently made voting more of a challenge. Last year, he vetoed a bill that would have expanded early voting. Then, he scheduled a costly special election that made it more difficult to cast ballots, and resulted in historically low voter turnout. Recently, he said he wanted Republicans to gain control of "voting mechanisms" ostensibly to exert partisan influence over the electoral process.

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