I was refused the right to vote at the polls because (you name it). Where can I appeal?


I moved - if you moved within the same county, go to the polling place serving your new residence. You can call the County Board of Elections or Municipal Clerk for the location. You will be permitted to vote a "provisional" paper ballot.

If you moved across county lines more than one month ago, you had to register in your new county of residence. You cannot vote in your old county. If you moved across the county lines within 30 days you can vote at your old polling place in your former county. If you choose to go back, tell the poll clerk you need to fill out the affidavit to vote.

My page was tagged/my sample ballot was returned undeliverable - if you reside at the same address of which you were registered, you may vote by completing an affirmation form of residency at the polls. You then vote in the machine.

My page was missing - you should have been given a "provisional" paper ballot to vote for this election.

I was challenged and the board workers voted not to let me vote - you must go to the Superior Court in the county of your residence. Please call your county Commissioner of Registration.

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