(Trenton) -- Today, on National Equal Pay Day, Vice Chair of the New Jersey Democratic State Committee Lizette Delgado-Polanco released the following statement:

“Today is Equal Pay Day. It symbolizes the day that women would need to work until -- more than four months into the year -- in order to earn what men earned in the previous year. This reality is unfair, it puts undue pressure on New Jersey's middle class families, and it is in part Governor Christie's fault."

"When Chris Christie had a chance to stand up and support working women in New Jersey by signing equal pay legislation, he vetoed it. Governor cannot be trusted to do what is right because he's too preoccupied with towing the Republican Party line. Women in New Jersey and New Hampshire -- and every other place that our governor has been hiding from the problems he created -- need to be reminded of that. Working women neither need nor want another presidential candidate who refuses to take income equality seriously."

"Working women in New Jersey will continue to work hard to make ends meet despite Governor Christie’s failed economic policies. However, it is time to focus on addressing this disparity, not make it larger.”


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