LAWRENCEVILLE - Governor Chris Christie is hoping to capitalize on his newfound friendship with Donald Trump, literally.

Tonight, Donald Trump comes to help Christie and the New Jersey GOP to pay off debts at two high dollar fundraisers, after the questionable proceeds from the garage sale of Christie’s campaign furniture to his Super PAC fell short of covering almost a quarter million in campaign debt and half a million in Bridgegate-related legal fees.

“Unfortunately, the use of questionable ethics, the stubborn embrace of hateful policies, and repeated threats of violence have become key features of the Republican Party's playbook. And Donald Trump's strange kinship with Chris Christie only underscores that point. The two represent the politics of personal ambition at its worst,” said Matt Farrauto, communications director for the New Jersey Democratic State Committee. "It's sad that the Governor cares only about himself and his campaign debt, not doing the job he was elected to do, but the lesson for voters is clear: reject the Republicans' Trump-enstein monster before he tears our country apart with the same glee that Christie has undermined New Jersey."

Donald Trump’s appearance in New Jersey also highlights the Republican front-runner's inconsistency. In previous comments about Bridgegate, he slammed Gov. Christie's record and asserted that he “totally knew” about his allies’ scheme to shut down access lanes on the George Washington Bridge in the name of political retaliation. Now, the two are practically inseparable.

So, it is worth asking: Does Donald Trump -- or does he not -- still think the governor was aware of the illegal behavior of his top aides?

Meanwhile, if Trump is so eager to bail out his pal Chris for his failed presidential campaign, will he return to New Jersey for another fundraiser to shore up the Transportation Trust Fund before it goes broke this summer?


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