(Trenton) -- Chairman of the New Jersey Democratic State Committee John Currie expressed disappointment that the State Supreme Court chose to allow the governor to violate public pensioners' contract rights by withholding promised payments to the public employee pension system.

“Although I am disappointed with the State Supreme Court's ruling, nothing has changed for Governor Christie. He continues to act recklessly and irresponsibly. That was true when he flagrantly violated his own pension reform law, and it is true as he avoids fixing our state's crumbling infrastructure and addressing the massive budget deficit he created,” said John Currie, Chairman of the New Jersey Democratic State Committee. “The governor likes to spin success in what most would view as failure while blaming others for his mistakes. I suspect that he will do that with this decision too.

Currie continued, "Make no mistake: it has been this governor’s misguided priorities that have undermined the New Jersey economy, burdened hard working, middle class citizens and future generations alike, and shamed our state with scandal. The Court's decision does not change the fact that New Jersey deserves better than an absentee governor who consistently puts his personal political ambition above the needs of the people he is supposed to represent."


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