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***Pursuant to the Delegate Selection plan, at large and PLEO delegates applications remain open***

How do I apply for a District Level Delegate or Alternate Position? How does the selection process work?

The First Step in the Delegate Selection process is filling out the statement of Candidacy and Pledge of Support Form and returning it to the State Party Headquarters located at 196 West State Street, Trenton, NJ 08608. The deadline for acceptance of these forms is March 16th, 2016. Information concerning Delegate District makeup is available from the New Jersey Democratic State Committee website at or by calling the state party at 609-392-3367.

All applicants will have their information forwarded to the campaign of the Presidential candidate that they have pledged their support to and all Presidential Campaigns will be responsible for selecting their candidates.

Once a candidate has been selected by the campaign, that candidate must file a petition with 100 valid signatures of registered Democrats who live within their Delegate District with the New Jersey Division of Elections no later than 4pm on April 4, 2016. Petitions are available from the Division of Elections located in Trenton and at the State Party.

If I am elected as a Delegate, what are some of my duties and how much will it cost me to go to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia Pennsylvania?

As a Delegate or Alternate, you must be prepared to campaign within your Delegate District on behalf of your candidate.

It is too early to give an exact amount that it will cost to participate in the 2016 convention as a Delegate or Alternate but it will cost each Delegate and Alternate between $2000 and $3500 for travel, room and board, and other incidentals. The Democratic State Committee will assist anyone who cannot afford to pay the full cost by helping them to raise the funds that they need.

Is there anything being done to ensure that the Delegation from New Jersey will represent all of the different types of Democrats in the state?

Special efforts are being made to encourage women, ethnic minorities, LGBT, youth and disabled, among others, to participate fully in the Delegate Selection Process at all levels. To find out more about the State Party’s Affirmative Action and Outreach Program go to the website or call the state Party Headquarters at (609) 392-3367.


New Jersey Democratic State Committee
196 West State Street
Trenton, NJ 08608
(609) 392-3367

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