New Jersey's Republican Congressmen All Abandon Tax Relief For Sandy Victims

[Trenton] -- Today, after news reports highlighted a stunning act of betrayal of Hurricane Sandy survivors by the state's Republican members of Congress, John Currie, the Chairman of the New Jersey Democratic State Committee slammed them for again undermining their constituents' interests.

New Jersey Democrats believe that every American should be united in the desire for the federal government to help victims of all natural disasters, like the Hurricanes that have decimated parts of Florida, Texas, and Puerto Rico, among other states and territories. And, although New Jersey's Republicans may say that they do too, they cowardly refuse to back their words with actions.

Specifically, New Jersey's Republican members voted against an amendment promoted by Congressman Bill Pascrell and others that would have automatically provided survivors of Superstorm Sandy with tax relief afforded other hurricane victims. Instead, they praised a bill that gives tax breaks only to victims of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria -- not Sandy survivors. That legislation passed, 264-155, with all five of New Jersey's congressional Republicans supporting it and all seven of the Democrats voting against it.

"What in the world are they thinking?!?!" asked Chairman Currie, incredulously. "Disaster assistance affecting the people of New Jersey should be one of those issues that everyone -- regardless of political party -- can get behind. Obviously, New Jersey Republicans feel differently. But whatever their flawed reasoning and spin, the fact remains that, given the opportunity to support Sandy survivors, they chose partisanship over protecting the people they are supposed to represent; instead of standing Jersey strong, they cowered behind procedure. That's shameful."
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