[Trenton] -- Getting a response out of state Republicans as one of their own embraces divisive — and now vulgar and misogynistic — rhetoric invokes the classic Pink Floyd tune, Comfortably Numb: “Hello? Hello? Hello? Is there anybody in there?”

Because, as new reports today revealed a recording of a controversial Sussex County state assemblyman referring to his one of Democratic opponents as a “bitch,” the reaction of Governor Christie, Lieutenant Governor Guadagno, and Republican leaders like Senate Minority Leader Tom Kean Jr. and Assembly Minority Leader Jon Bramnick has been silence and inaction.

In fact, Assemblyman Parker Space, who is “already facing intense criticism for posing with a Confederate flag,” cavalierly refers to Kate Matteson as "bitch" three separate times in less than 30-seconds.

“There is no place in the legislature or on the campaign trail for such vulgarity directed toward a community leader and a mother of four," said John Currie, the chairman of the New Jersey Democratic State Committee. "Kate Matteson and her running mate Gina Trish should be applauded for courageously responding to the call of public service. They will bring a collaborative approach to policy-making and respectfully represent everyone in the middle class communities they aim to serve."

"Unfortunately, we can't say the same about Assemblyman Space," Currie continued. "He is an embarrassment to the state and to the Republican Party. If they want to get back on their feet again, New Jersey Republicans must demand that Assemblyman Space resign from his office and from his place on the ballot because his language and his recent behavior show that he is unfit for both.”

The fact that Assemblyman Space so casually disparages women should be a red flag for all voters, regardless of their political affiliations. Last month, Chairman Currie condemned Space’s bigotry, calling on the Republican standard bearer for Governor to stop “enabling bad behavior,” as she has for her entire tenure as Chris Christie's second in command. She did not, and, not surprisingly, Republicans like Parker Space have continued to polarize New Jersey communities at a time when the state needs to tap into the spirit of unity and inclusiveness.

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