Growing Evidence of Trump Administration's Abuses Demand Independent Investigation

[Trenton] — Today, the Chairman of the New Jersey Democratic State Committee is calling on New Jersey’s Republican members of Congress to sign a discharge petition to establish an independent commission to investigate ties between the President of the United States and the Russian government.

House Democrats filed the discharge petition today because Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI) has refused to heed calls for an independent, credible investigation of the President, and because the Republican Congress has previously proven incapable of managing one of their own. The discharge petition needs the signatures of a majority of House members to force a vote on the underlying legislation.

The Chairman of the New Jersey Democratic State Committee, John Currie said, “Either House Republicans sign the discharge petition or they stand in direct conflict with their sworn duties. Every minute they waste is in service to a purely partisan political aim: enabling their unstable leader, our President. Their political concerns and the president's fragile ego should not come before the safety and security of our country.”

Currie added, “This is serious stuff. No phony public relations stunt, like Governor Christie’s taxpayer-funded ‘Mastro Report,’ will cut it. Honestly, if the president has nothing to hide, he should welcome an independent commission so that it could remove doubts about a potential a cover-up.”

An incredible 78 percent of Americans support an independent investigation, and Republicans’ hesitancy to probe grave threats to our democracy and actions that undermine our national security are indefensible. The congressional oath of office requires members of Congress to "support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic” and "faithfully discharge the duties of” their offices.

Meanwhile, nearly every day has unleashed new, bombshell reporting on inappropriate actions taken by Donald Trump and his administration — actions and evidence that are substantially more damning than those used to undermine the character of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton prior to last year's elections. Reports this week alone suggest that the President of the United States disclosed “highly classified information” to Russian government officials, and obstructed justice by urging the now-former Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation to “shut down” the investigation into former national security adviser Michael T. Flynn. And because President Trump refuses to release his tax returns, news reports about his financial connections to foreign governments continue create a dark cloud of suspicion over all of his dealings.

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