After Dismal Iowa Caucus Showing, Governor's Presidential Campaign Is Finished

(Trenton) -- New Jersey Democratic State Committee Chairman John Currie reacted to Governor Chris Christie's dismal showing in the Iowa Caucuses last night, saying that it is indeed time for the state's absentee governor to grab a mop and attend to all of the messes he created in New Jersey.

Governor Christie failed to clear even the very low bar he set for himself, which was to be the top performing Republican governor. According to one media analysis, he spent 42 days campaigning in Iowa, as well as millions of campaign dollars, to effectively come in last place, receiving less than two percent of the Republican votes and zero delegates. In total, Christie spent a majority of the last year out of state, neglecting his constituents' needs.

"Chris Christie was the clear loser last night," said John Currie, the chairman of the New Jersey Democratic State Committee. "It is time for him to heed the Iowa Caucus results, to stop avoiding the problems he created, to quit vacationing on the taxpayer dime, and to return to New Jersey. Enough is enough."

"Chris Christie claims he was joking about going to storm-battered South Jersey with a mop, but I'm not. There is no rationale for his presidential candidacy, and no excuse for him to continue ignoring the lingering damage from Jonas and from Superstorm Sandy. He needs to step up to address our falling credit ratings, weak economic growth, and crumbling infrastructure, as well as all the other challenges facing our state's hardworking middle class families," Currie added.

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