[Trenton] -- New Jersey Democratic State Committee Chairman John Currie today issued the below statement in reaction to the President's delayed condemnation of the fatal violence in Charlottesville, Virginia against counterprotesters who were standing up against the hatred espoused by Nazi sympathizers and other white supremacists. Currie urged New Jerseyans to reject those who enable the cultivation of such hate.

“The fact that the President of the United States -- even now -- tries to spin the hatred and bigotry of extremists by blaming so-called 'fake news media" for their coverage of these events just proves what was said about him during the presidential campaign: he is unfit for office."

"In fact, it took Mr. Trump several tries to condemn the murderous violence against law abiding citizens he is sworn to protect. That someone finally persuaded him to feign outrage is not good enough. We can and must do better."

"I applaud the New Jersey residents who have expressed their love of the Garden State's rich tapestry of races, cultures, sexual orientations and religions. And I know the people of our state are capable of respecting American values and the rule of law, even when Republicans do not."

"To make the progress that we hope for in our communities, our state, and our country, we need to ensure that every eligible resident is registered to vote and that their votes are cast against those who enable President Trump's casual acceptance of domestic terrorism, and the ugliness and violence that he and his team continue to cultivate.”


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