(Trenton) -- Today, New Jersey Democratic State Committee Chairman John Currie decried Governor Christie’s veto of the Democracy Act — a sweeping package of proposals for encouraging voter participation in New Jersey.

At least one editorial board called the legislation "a light in the darkness" and said it would be a "mistake" for the governor to veto it.

“After a record low turnout election the need to encourage, not discourage, voter participation is obvious. And after having his record rebuked by those who participated in last week’s election, that message should have been heard by Governor Christie, loud and clear. But, no — Chris Christie only cares about his faltering presidential campaign, and how his actions will be perceived by Republican conservatives, not the people he is swore an oath to serve. That's beyond shameful,” said Chairman Currie.

Currie added, “Frankly, if he wanted to become relevant again, he would stop holding back New Jersey’s progress, and step aside. If he is uncertain why he is no longer a serious presidential contender, he can look for the answer in one of two places: his policy record or the mirror. Either way, he needs to learn that the path to promotion is not through continued failure and disrespect for democratic processes.”


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