[Trenton] -- New Jersey Democratic State Committee Chairman John Currie reacted to news reports that Donald Trump might soon try to distance himself from the disarray in his White House and the dysfunction of Republican-controlled Washington by hunkering down at his Bedminister, New Jersey golf course for a large part of August.

"In New Jersey, we have first hand experience with a chief executive who likes to waste taxpayer dollars and actively mislead constituents. We need to be loud and clear with this one that the presidency is serious business, not a reality TV show," said Currie. "With any other president, his or her visit would likely be cause for celebration. But this one just seems to be abusing the office to line his pockets while his divisive rhetoric and misguided policies tear at the fabric of American society. There's no wonder a growing number of people disapprove of him." 

Trump, who was recently quoted disparaging his seat of power, said "that White House is a real dump," and he has cost taxpayers millions with his recreational travel. As the Washington Post reported, guarding Trump's for-profit Mar-A-Lago property has already cost $6.6 million.

Meanwhile, presidential visits -- especially lengthy ones -- restrict local air traffic, hurt local businesses, and draw capacity from local law enforcement, while forcing them to carry hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional costs, not to mention overtime pay. As a consequence, the capacity of first response teams to protect our communities is limited.

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