Priorities Now Shift to Supporting Murphy-Oliver Agenda, Retaking Congress

(Trenton) — This evening, members of the New Jersey Democratic State Committee gave their vote of confidence to Chairman John Currie and Vice Chair Lizette Delgado-Polanco and their leadership team, reelecting them for another term at the helm of the state Democratic Party campaign organization. Secretary Janice Kovach and Treasurer Kelly Stewart Maer will also continue in their respective positions.

The state central committee proceedings were open for other nominations, but the vote was uncontested, as party members rallied behind the leadership choice of the Governor-elect and Lt. Governor-elect, Phil Murphy and Sheila Oliver, congressional Democrats, and allied groups.

The track record of Chairman Currie's current team is a strong one. Under Currie's leadership, New Jersey Democrats weathered the tumultuous tenure of Chris Christie, exposing the governor as a self-centered hypocrite, and steadily picked up seats in the U.S. Congress, the state legislature, and local offices, while adding valuable diversity to elected offices. Meanwhile, the party has largely avoided controversy and kept disparate factions focused on unity and comity. And, after years of neglect, the organization's financial picture has also stabilized.

“The Democratic Party -- both locally and nationally -- can be an easy target for people who are frustrated and angry that Republicans have, despite their shameless hypocrisy and shameful policies, managed to win anything. That can make a volunteer position like this one hard at times. But the party is more relevant and vibrant than ever, and it is critical that we rally our supporters next year. We must demand accountability from a federal government run amok, and restore checks on the presidency,” said Chairman Currie. "I am eager for the challenges ahead, and honored to have the continued support of elected Democrats, our friends in Labor, and committee members across the state."

Vice Chair Lizette Delgado-Polanco also welcomed the opportunity to serve another term. "The resistance to the dangerous Trump agenda is strong here in New Jersey," Delgado-Polanco said. "I know they say that campaigning is hard, but governing is harder, but, as we look to repair the damage the Christie-Guadagno team caused, we -- the voices of the progressive community -- need to do both well. We must enact the bold reforms that Chris Christie refused to sign and do everything we can to take back the Congress. Working together, I think we're up to the task."


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