(Trenton) -- Chairman of the New Jersey Democratic State Committee, John Currie, reacted to Governor Christie's line item veto of a budget-balancing bill that would restore payments the state promised to make to its pension fund.

“The governor's use of the line item veto pen underscores his failed leadership, misguided priorities, and refusal to honor the commitment he made to New Jerseyans. The fact is, Chris Christie has been more harmful to New Jersey’s economy — and our reputation — than a tax increase on millionaires could ever be,” said Chairman Currie. “Chris Christie swore to impartially and justly perform his official duties, and to promote prosperity for all of our citizens, not just his rich Republican cronies. Instead, he continues to break promises to pensioners, Sandy survivors, immigrants, commuters, and others, while saddling hard-working middle class families with the costs of his political gambits.”

Governor Chris Christie’s term has been marred by abuses of power, the misuse of public funds, and other scandals that have cheated the people of New Jersey. Meanwhile, Mr. Christie has shamelessly promoted himself within conservative Republican political circles.

The governor remains under investigation by at least five separate entities, not including the three million dollar taxpayer-financed "whitewash" that a Christie-friendly law firm compiled to cover-up the governor’s involvement in the closing of access lanes on the world’s busiest bridge.

And, just the other day, news reports indicated that “corporations that contributed millions of dollars to the Chris Christie-led Republican Governors Association and other GOP campaigns have received public funding deals worth almost $1.25 billion from his New Jersey administration in less than two years.”

Chris Christie argues that the state cannot afford responsible economic policies, but the governor's hypocrisy has already proven costly to New Jersey taxpayers.

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