(Trenton) -- John Currie, Chairman of the New Jersey Democratic State Committee, criticized Governor Christie's misguided priorities in addressing the $807 million budget shortfall that the Christie administration's rosy economic scenarios created.

"One would expect someone who has dug such a deep hole for himself to stop digging," says New Jersey Democratic State Committee Chairman John Currie. "Unfortunately, Chris Christie has not learned that lesson. The governor apparently believes that economic growth is created by placing larger burdens on New Jersey families. That approach is not just misguided; it is becoming dangerous -- dangerous to New Jersey's fiscal health, and harmful to the hardest working people in our state. It's unfortunate and wrong for him to break promises to the people of his state first, but to his campaign contributors never."

The proposal, which Christie alluded to today, was apparently hashed out in private while the governor hobnobbed with Republican donors across the country. It reportedly directs cuts at New Jersey's neediest citizens -- those in school, on Medicaid, and in nursing homes -- while reducing promised payments to New Jersey's pension fund for public workers. Meanwhile, the governor blames others for his shortsightedness and refuses to increase the income tax rate on New Jersey's millionaires.

The economic record of Governor Christie is abysmal in comparison to neighboring states and the vast majority of the country. His policies have resulted in a “sputtering" economy, and numerous across-the-board downgrades in the New Jersey's credit rating, which make it more costly for the state to borrow money.

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