Christie Has Failed New Jersey on Unemployment

(Trenton)- In 2009, when Chris Christie was a candidate for New Jersey Governor, he criticized then-Governor Corzine for New Jersey’s high unemployment rate.  Christie argued that the unemployment rate, particularly in comparison to the rates of other states in the region, meant the Governor shouldn’t be re-elected.  New Jersey’s unemployment rate today is higher than it was when candidate Christie was running for office.  Assemblyman John Wisniewski, Chairman of the New Jersey Democratic State Committee, held a conference call to discuss Christie’s failure to improve New Jersey’s employment situation and released the following statement:

“Last year, Christie announced that the ‘Jersey Comeback’ had begun, while New Jersey’s unemployment rate sat at 9.2%.  Throughout 2012, national unemployment numbers fell while New Jersey’s unemployment rose.  Today, New Jersey’s unemployment rate is 9.5% and more than 400,000 New Jerseyans want to work and cannot find a job.

The governor has had more than three years to spur job growth in our state and it should have been his top priority from his first day in office.  Yet, Governor Christie vetoed numerous pieces of legislation targeted at encouraging hiring and helping New Jersey workers find and keep good jobs.  He has refused to engage Assembly and Senate leaders to craft a bipartisan strategy to grow our economy and bring down the unemployment rate.  In fact, Governor Christie has failed to even propose a jobs plan.

By Governor Christie’s own metric as a candidate for office, he must take responsibility for not improving New Jersey’s staggering unemployment rate.”


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