(Trenton) -- New Jersey Democratic State Committee Chairman John Currie slammed Governor Christie for his disrespect of a senior law enforcement official, Pat Colligan, the president of New Jersey's Police Benevolent Association, calling it "typical" behavior from a man that most New Jerseyans now discount as irrelevant.

At an event in New Hampshire, where Chris Christie spends most of his time misleading Granite State voters, he took a question from a member of the media, who referred to Mr. Colligan's critique of the governor's record. Governor Christie responded by calling him a "pig."

Christie has engaged in this type of behavior for years, verbally attacking middle school teachers, U.S. Navy seals, female Democratic leaders and, really, anyone who criticizes him.

“It is typical of Chris Christie to lash out at others when he is most politically vulnerable, and insecure. The truth is, Governor Christie -- no one else -- violated his previously-touted pension reform law and failed to make his promised payments. Spreading lies and hurling insults won't change that. Plus President Colligan went to work today, is faithful to his oath of office, and actually tells it like it is," said Chairman Currie. "That Christie is insulting the men and women who put their lives on the line to protect us every day, calling them pigs, makes his bullying behavior all that much more disgraceful."

"Voters in New Hampshire who are weary of Christie's volatility and hypocrisy are right to have concerns, because this is the true Chris Christie -- a shameless, and embarrassing failure," Currie added.

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