Christie And Bush Helped Make Each Other


Christie Joined The Bush Campaign Even Before He Announced For President, “And Traveled Frequently To Austin To Discuss The Then-Texas Governor's Potential Bid.” “Christie said he formally met Bush in early 1999 - before Bush had announced his candidacy - and traveled frequently to Austin to discuss the then-Texas governor's potential bid. Christie said he was asked to become counsel to the presidential campaign in New Jersey shortly before Bush announced his candidacy in 2000. Once in that post, Christie helped raise thousands of dollars for the campaign.” [Philadelphia Inquirer, 12/22/01]

Christie Appeared Numerous Times On Several Court TV Shows “Regarding The Bush-Gore Presidential Campaign Dispute.” “Christie, who served one three-year term as freeholder, has steered clear of Morris County politics since his 1997 defeat. But the Mendham Township resident has been active as a political lobbyist in Trenton and signed on early with the Bush campaign. A lawyer specializing in securities litigation, he has been featured recently on several Court TV shows regarding the Bush-Gore presidential campaign dispute.” [Star-Ledger, 12/3/00]

Christie Helped Raise $350,000 For Bush’s Presidential Election, And Became A Member Of Bush’s Pioneer Club Of Supports Who Helped Raise At Least $100,000. “When the younger Bush decided to run, he asked Christie to be his lawyer in New Jersey. Together, Christie and Palatucci raised about $350,000 for Bush and the national Republican Party enough to become members of Bush's Pioneer Club of supporters nationwide who raised at least $100,000 for him.” [Associated Press, 10/1/09]


Star-Ledger Editorial: “This Is A Patronage Appointment, Plain And Simple.” The newspaper wrote: “He is not yet qualified for the job of U.S. attorney. He has never tried a criminal case. He has no substantial experience in federal court. He has never directed a corruption investigation or even participated in one. He is 39, can claim no distinguished academic or legal accomplishment and works primarily as a lobbyist and mediator. What Christie brings to the table is excellent political connections…Christie's history as partisan rainmaker not only fails to qualify him, it could undermine trust in the office…This is a patronage appointment, plain and simple.” [Editorial, Star-Ledger 9/7/01]

Christie Lacked “Experience In Criminal Law.” “After winning the overwhelming support of the Republican organization in New Jersey, a lawyer and lobbyist who was counsel to President Bush's campaign in the state has emerged as the leading candidate to become the next United States attorney for New Jersey. But many lawyers say they are surprised and disappointed that the candidate, Christopher J. Christie, has no experience in criminal law, and a few are trying to produce another contender before the White House submits a nomination to the Senate.” [New York Times, 8/26/01]

Christie’s Appointment “Generated Concern From Some Former Federal Prosecutors, Who Believe His Appointment May Be Too Political” Including A Former Republican Us Attorney.  “The choice of Christie, though, has created some unease among members of the U.S. Attorney's Office in Newark, and generated concern from some former federal prosecutors, who believe his appointment may be too political. Jonathan Goldstein, a former U.S. attorney for New Jersey and a Republican, is one of those who believe the job as the state's top federal prosecutor requires a candidate to have extensive law enforcement experience.” [Star-Ledger, 9/6/01]

William Palatucci “Boasted Of Selecting A United States Attorney By Forwarding Mr. Rove The Resume Of His Partner, Christopher J. Christie, A Corporate Lawyer And Bush Fund-Raiser With Little Prosecutorial Experience.” “Democrats have seized on a connection to Mr. Rove to attack a prosecutor's credibility. In New Jersey, William Palatucci, a Republican political consultant and Bush supporter, boasted of selecting a United States attorney by forwarding Mr. Rove the resume of his partner, Christopher J. Christie, a corporate lawyer and Bush fund-raiser with little prosecutorial experience.” [New York Times, 3/29/07]

Rove “Helped Arrange The Nomination Of A Major Bush Campaign Fund-Raiser Who Had Little Prosecutorial Experience.” “Political advisers have had a hand in picking judges and prosecutors for decades, but Mr. Rove exercises unusually broad influence over political, policy and personnel decisions because of his closeness to the president, tenure in the administration and longstanding interest in turning the judiciary to the right. In Illinois, Mr. Rove once reprimanded a Republican senator for recommending the appointment of Patrick J. Fitzgerald, a star prosecutor from outside the state, to investigate the state's then-governor, a Republican. In New Jersey, Mr. Rove helped arrange the nomination of a major Bush campaign fund-raiser who had little prosecutorial experience. In Louisiana, he first supported and then helped scuttle a similar appointment.” [New York Times, 3/29/07]


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