Governor, we CAN handle the truth!

Tonight (2/3) at 7 p.m. ET, you have a chance to "Ask the Governor" about Bridgegate or any other concerns you may have.

Let Governor Christie tell us what he knew about the George Washington Bridge closures and when he knew it. Or ask why his administration has been so secretive about the way it handled federal recovery funds meant for survivors of Superstorm Sandy.

Governor Christie owes us an explanation about what went so very wrong with his administration.


You have questions? Demand answers.

On New Jersey's 101.5 FM radio program, there are five ways to "Ask the Governor" a question, which can be found here

  • Call 800-283-1015

  • Join 101.5's live interactive blog 

  • Text your question by texting “GOV” to 89000. You will receive a bounce back message asking for your question.

  • Twitter: #AskGov

  • You can SUBMIT your question for Governor Christie in advance.

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