(Trenton) -- Chairman of the New Jersey Democratic State Committee John Currie issued the following statement in response to Governor Christie's press conference announcing the resignation of top political appointees to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

"Two of Governor Christie's top aides have resigned in disgrace, but if you listen to him explain it, the Bridgegate controversy is just a simple misunderstanding. Nothing could be further from the truth."

"Governor Christie continues to casually dismiss legitimate concerns about Bridgegate, but his claim to have nothing to do with it rings hollow. The governor may believe that he has addressed the political controversy, but he has not begun to address the causes or consequences of the George Washington Bridge lane closures last September."

"Relieving Baroni and Wildstein with a pat on the back and a shrug of his shoulders is a far cry from the condemnation they deserve for recklessly endangering people in northern New Jersey. Governor Christie appears more culpable than ever before, and we need to know when he was informed that his appointees were responsible for closing access lanes to the G.W. Bridge and whether he was directly involved."

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