(Trenton) -- John Currie, Chairman of the New Jersey Democratic State Committee, reacted to the release of the report that was compiled by Governor Christie's hand-picked team of lawyers at extraordinary taxpayer expense. The million dollar taxpayer funded distraction fails to put forth an explanation for the scandals created by the governor's office.

"The fact is this ‘report’ is a public relations stunt, plain and simple. It's unfortunate that Governor Christie would waste taxpayer funds to create a distraction from his administration’s negative attention. Clearly, the governor views our taxpayer monies as a retainer for another one of his own public relations campaigns," said Chairman Currie.

Currie continued, “The recent scandals are a consequence of his administration's dysfunction, his own staff’s disrespectful attitude toward public service, credible allegations about the governor’s office’s misuse of public funds, and the fact that New Jersey citizens were put in harm's way by his political appointees. The $1,000,000 and counting is being spent so Christie's cronies can delay the truth about the leadership style that allowed this scandal to occur in the first place."

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