(Trenton) — Today, the New Jersey Democratic State Committee Chair responded to the latest out-of-touch statement to come out of the mouth of New Jersey's failed, absentee governor, Chris Christie.

Yesterday, the governor -- the fourth highest paid governor in the country -- told a group of lawyers in Washington, DC that he was "tired of hearing about the minimum wage." 

"Know what? I'm tired having to explain to Chris Christie that New Jersey's middle class families matter more than the wealthy corporate interests that he caters to," said the Chairman of the New Jersey Democratic State Committee John Currie. "Parents aren't focused on their kids making a higher minimum wage; they are working two or three minimum wage jobs themselves, just to make ends meet. That's even harder to do in Governor Christie's economy, which has raised taxes on the most vulnerable, neglected the needs of Sandy survivors, and wasted taxpayer dollars. It's not just that he's out of touch, he's contemptuous toward most New Jersey families and his policies are vindictive."

Governor Christie, who spends much of his time neglecting his messes in New Jersey while campaigning out of state, pays his attorney's $350 in taxpayer funds per hour to cover his political tracks, and enjoys an annual family income of about $700,000.

Currie is not the only one tiring of Chris Christie's detachment from the economic reality he created. Recent polling confirms that New Jerseyans are growing tired of Chris Christie's callous indifference to their needs.

In 2013, Christie vetoed a minimum wage increase in New Jersey that would have directly benefited 241,000 of his constituents -- the same people who voted overwhelmingly to effectively override that veto at the ballot box.

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