Bill Pascrell Jr.

District 9 (Incumbent)

Bill Pascrell, Jr. sits on the Committee on Ways and Means, and the Committee on the Budget -- assignments that allow Bill to be deeply involved in the issues that are important to the citizens of New Jersey.

He is one of the leading Congressional voices on protecting Medicare and Social Security for our seniors., and he uses his Committee position to advocate for a fair international trade policy and on behalf of tax reform that includes the elimination of the Alternative Minimum Tax. Bill also continues to be a strong advocate for the modernization of New Jersey’s transportation in infrastructure.

Before being elected to Congress, Bill proudly served as the Mayor of Paterson from 1990-1996 and a member of the New Jersey State Assembly from 1988-1996. He was previously a member of the Paterson Board of Education, a public high school teacher, and a college adjunct professor at Farleigh Dickenson University.

Bill graduated from Fordham University in New York with bachelors degree in Journalism and a masters degree in Philosophy. He has three sons and resides in Paterson with his wife, Elsie.

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