(Trenton, NJ) — According to a PolitickerNJ report, when Assemblyman Chris A. Brown (R-Atlantic) was asked about offensive comments Congressman Chris Smith (R-4th) made — comments that dehumanized the entire Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) community — he had “no comment” and said that "he wanted to study the situation before commenting.”

Considering how Smith's remarks late last week were repudiated by Republicans and Democrats alike, the New Jersey Democratic State Committee’s LGBT Caucus says Brown's silence speaks volumes about his true feelings.

“It was close-minded and wrong for Republican Congressman Chris Smith to argue that the rights of the LGBT community are not human rights. The same is true of Assemblyman Chris A. Brown’s refusal to denounce Congressman Smith's comments. He should be ashamed for being so spineless. The common humanity of the LGBT community is not an issue that demands further study, and it is seriously disturbing that our rights still need to be defended from the backwards thinking of New Jersey’s Assembly Republicans,” said Marsha Shapiro and Louise Walpin, Co-Vice Chairs of the Democrats' LGBT caucus, in a joint statement.

Shapiro and Walpin, who endured unequal treatment under the law for many years, were officially wed in October of 2013.

Governor Christie, who is no stranger to offensive and inappropriate comments, has also yet to repudiate Rep. Smith's statements.

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