Andy Kim

District 3

Andy Kim was raised in South Jersey because his parents believed the top notch public school system would give him and his sister opportunities to succeed. He did his entire Kindergarten through 12 in the public schools here, and that education helped him become a Rhodes Scholar and a leading national security expert.

"New Jersey gave my family the opportunity to achieve the American dream, but now I worry those same opportunities won’t be there for my two baby boys who I’m raising here just a few miles from where I grew up," says Kim. "I worry that the community that gave me everything isn’t getting the support it deserves. I’m fighting for my family, for my neighbors, for the community that raised me, and for the state that gave me the American dream."

Kim has dedicated his entire career to serving the American people, working at the White House on countering terrorism and protecting our country, advising the Secretary of Defense and the Pentagon on national security, and serving in Afghanistan as a strategic adviser to Generals David Petraeus and John Allen.  When he served in Afghanistan, no one asked if he was a Democrat or a Republican. Everyone worked together focused on the mission of keeping our nation safe. He has -- and always will -- put the nation and the American people above partisan politics.

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