Presumptive GOP Frontrunner’s New Jersey Apologist Can’t Be Trusted

(Trenton) — As the nation recoiled at presumptive Republican frontrunner’s support for “some form of punishment” for women who have abortions, his lead apologist, Governor Chris Christie, told the news media that Mr. Trump simply “misspoke." But, as New Jersey Democratic State Committee Chairman John Currie points out, Mr. Christie lacks credibility on issues relating to women, having waffled on his stated rationale for draconian cuts to women’s health services in the Garden State.

“The Republican record of anti-women policies is appalling. Equally disturbing is how that party’s biggest personalities appear to be competing to see who can take the most offensive position and then mislead people about it later,” said Chairman Currie. “Whether Donald Trump wants to punish women who obtain abortions or the doctors who provide them, he is out-of-line, and out-of-step with the country.”

Meanwhile, Trump should consider firing Chris Christie as his biggest backer, as the New Jersey governor lacks credibility to defend him on women’s health matters. In a controversial reversal, Christie, who cut $7.5 million in 2010 for women's health centers, disingenuously argued that he did so due to budgetary concerns. However, he later touted the cuts as an intentional and principled decision.

“Governor Christie has proven himself to be on the wrong side of this issue for years. Time and again he has fought against critical funding for women's health care and now, in his role as chief apologist for Donald Trump, the governor is attempting to defend the indefensible. Every time we think our governor has hit bottom he finds a way to dig even deeper. Governor Christie has failed in New Jersey and he has failed nationally. The only way he can attempt to stay relevant is to stand with Donald Trump and try to explain away his hateful rhetoric. New Jersey's citizens deserve better," continued Currie.

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