The NJDSC Week In Review for June 7, 2013

Welcome to the final installment of the New Jersey Democratic State Committee's week in review during my tenure as State Party Chairman. Thank you for giving me the distinct honor and privilege of serving as our party’s state chairman for almost three and a half years. I want you to know that it has been a great pleasure working with all of you – both old friends and new. Thank you for your support.

Now, here's a look back at some of the news from this past week and some of the upcoming events around the state next week and beyond.  Please share stories that interest you with your friends on Facebook and Twitter!

 Senator Frank Lautenberg: 1924-2013

  • NY Times: Frank R. Lautenberg, who fought the alcohol and tobacco industries and promoted Amtrak as a five-term United States senator from New Jersey, died on Monday in Manhattan.
  • Frank Lautenberg: A timeline of his life and career.
  • President Obama: "Michelle and I were deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Senator Frank Lautenberg, a proud New Jerseyan who lived America’s promise as a citizen, and fought to keep that promise alive as a senator."
  • In this installment of "Being Biden," Vice President Biden remembered his long time friend and colleague, Senator Frank Lautenberg of New Jersey. 
  • Chairman Wisniewski: "With the death of Frank Lautenberg, New Jersey has lost a powerful advocate of great integrity and the country has lost a person whose life embodied the American Dream. New Jersey’s loss is also a personal loss for his family and I wish to extend my condolences to his wife, his children and his grandchildren.”
  • Senator Buono: “He always answered the call to serve – first as a soldier in the United States Army during World War II, and later as Senator in the United States Senate representing the people of New Jersey,” she said. “Senator Lautenberg always stood up for the principles he believed in and fought every day to improve the lives of everyday New Jerseyans. Frank Lautenberg was an American hero and an icon in New Jersey, and he will be sorely missed.”
  • Senator Weinberg said that for Senator Lautenberg, the little guy was his first priority.
  • Speaker Oliver: It's hard to imagine New Jersey without Frank Lautenberg advocating for the issues important to us all. His energy was relentless. His intellect was sharp. His work ethic was an example to us all.
  • On the House Floor, the New Jersey delegation honored the life and legacy of Senator Frank Lautenberg. (Video)
  • Congressman Pallone: Frank Lautenberg was a moral guidepost on so many critical issues. As a leader in the U.S. Senate, his impact was felt on some of the most important issues facing New Jersey and our nation. 
  • Congressman Holt shared his thoughts on the legacy of Frank Lautenberg with MSNBC.
  • Mayor Booker: "For three decades, Senator Frank Lautenberg worked to make America a stronger, healthier and safer place to live. His legacy will endure for generations." 
  • Time: With the passing of Frank Lautenberg, the Senate Loses an Environmental Champion.
  • WNYC: Every Transit Rider In America Owes a Huge Debt to Senator Frank Lautenberg.
  • Washington Post: How Frank Lautenberg changed public health in America.
  • Lautenberg's legacy: From ending smoking on planes to raising drinking age.
  • As the U.S. Senate reconvened in Washington, a vase of white roses rested on top of the desk where Frank Lautenberg once sat.
  • You can view the funeral service honoring Senator Lautenberg's life by clicking here.

Chairman Wisniewski on Power And Politics

  • Chairman Wisniewski taped News 12's Power and Politics with Assembly Minority Leader Bramnick and host Luke Margolis. They discussed the Governor's self-serving decision to spend $12 million on two general elections within weeks of each other later this year, the anticipated Democratic victory in the special Senate election, the Governor's decision to appoint Attorney General Chiesa as an interin US Senator pending the special election and next week's race to succeed him as Democratic State Chairman. The program airs this weekend at 10:30 a.m. and 12:30 and 4:30 in the afternoon on both Saturday and Sunday. Check your local cable guide for channel information.

Potential Candidates Line Up To Challenge For US Senate Seat

  • NJ Spotlight:  Booker, Pallone, Holt Lining Up For U.S. Senate Race.
  • Star Ledger: Sheila Oliver 'seriously considering' run for U.S. Senate in special election.

Christie Plays Politics With Process For Senate Replacement

  • Think Progress: How Chris Christie’s Plan To Replace Senator Lautenberg Will Waste Millions In Taxpayer Dollars.
  • Star Ledger Editorial: Gov. Chris Christie’s decision to hold the U.S. Senate election three weeks before the general election in November is a shameless move that will waste at least $12 million and risk the integrity of the vote. For him to present it as a high-minded attempt to empower voters shows what nerve the guy has.
  • Chairman Wisniewski responded to the Governor's political move: “Democrats believe an election should be held in a timely manner, however in what appears to be a blatantly political move, the Governor would rather spend $12 million in taxpayer funds on a special election when a general election is scheduled for less than three weeks later.” said Wisniewski. “Chris Christie’s decision speaks more to his national political ambitions than his responsibility to the residents of New Jersey as Governor.”
  • Burlington County Times Editorial: "Our self-proclaimed fiscally conservative governor has made a decision that we believe is more sly political maneuver than sound fiscal action."
  • The Daily Beast: Voter Suppression, Chris Christie style.
  • Larry Sabato said the sped up time frame is blatantly political: "It’s a $12 million gift from Chris Christie to himself out of tax money," Sabato said. "No one believes his explanation over how important it is to have an elected member of the Senate voting for New Jerseyans. Come on. He’s not being honest, everybody can see through it."
  • Huffington Post: Chris Christie Vetoed Early Voting Bill Over Taxpayer Costs Similar To Frank Lautenberg Special Election.
  • Blue Jersey: Chris Christie 2009, meet Chris Christie 2013.
  • MSNBC: Chris Christie opposes costly special election–then calls for one.
  • Bloomberg: Republican Gov. Chris Christie finds himself accused of hypocrisy and naked political self-interest.
  • Tom Moran says taxpayers are the big losers here: "We're all paying extra to help Chris Christie."

Buono wins primary setting up General Election

  • After declaring victory in the primary, Senator Buono said: "I’m running for the mothers and fathers who work every day cleaning bathrooms and making beds and babysitting someone else’s children so they can earn barely enough money to take care of their own," Buono said. "I’m running for the teachers and police officers and firefighters who devote their lives to keeping our communities safe but are told time and time again that they’re the problem. Let’s get one thing straight: We’ve got some obstacles in this state. And we will overcome them together."
  • Star Ledger: "Ladies and gentleman, the curtains are closing on the Christie show," she said. "There will be no Act Two. There will be no encore. Because town by town, block by block, street by street, if we knock on doors together and make calls together and stand together and fight together, in five short months, we’re going to bring change to the state of New Jersey."
  • You can view the Senator's full election night remarks by clicking here.
  • Philadelphia Inquirer: Primaries over, governor's race shifts to Christie-Buono.

Under the Dome

  • An Assembly panel advanced legislation to provide incentives for companies exploring wind energy development.
  • The Assembly Appropriations Committee advanced a two-bill legislative package sponsored by Assembly Democrats to increase security when a school is used as a polling place on Election Day.
  • Legislation that would revise and strengthen Megan’s Law to improve community supervision of convicted sex offenders and to better protect New Jersey’s children cleared the Senate Law and Public Safety Committee. The legislation also updates the law based on advances in electronic communication and would ensure that minors who sext are not placed on the sex offender registry for life.
  • Assemblyman Moriarty announced he plans to introduce legislation that would eventually equip all police cars in New Jersey with cameras. 
  • Legislation to help provide redress to the many women forced into internment by the Japanese Army during World War II and subjected to degrading conditions was approved by a Senate panel. 
  • Multiple Bills Could Help Make New Jersey Safer for Walking and Biking
  • The Senate Education Committee approved legislation allowing schools to serve fruits and vegetables grown in community gardens. The measure is another in a series to increase access to fresh produce for residents living in the state's "urban food deserts."
  • A bill designed to expand the increase the number of standardbred horses in New Jersey by expanding the pool of horses eligible to receive purse supplements was approved by the State Government, Wagering, Tourism and Historic Preservation Committee.
  • New Jersey lawmakers are considering legislation that would limit the phone calls residents get from companies that supply electric power.
  • Legislation to help residents who have fallen behind on their bills get back on their feet by providing a more consistent approach to setting and assessing interest rates on certain unpaid utility bills, as well as delinquent municipal taxes, assessments and other municipal liens and charges was advanced.
  • The Assembly Telecommunications Committee released legislation to establish guidelines for service providers and the state to disseminate information in future weather emergencies.
  • Legislation to review the merits of providing tax credits to employers who hire college students for internships as a way to increase the students' potential for long-term employment has been signed into law. 

 Congressional Corner

  • Senator Menendez remembered Allied Cititzen Soldiers' Sacrifices on the Anniversary of D-Day.
  • Congressman Payne called cuts to the food assistance program 'absolutely immoral' at New Jersey's largest food bank.
  • Congressman Holt joined senior officials from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and local authorities to tour ongoing South River flood mitigation projects.
  • Congressman Pallone announced that the boroughs of Keansburg, Atlantic Highlands, Oceanport and Sea Bright have received direct loans from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) as part of the Community Disaster Loan (CDL) Program.  These funds will be used to carry on existing local government functions or for expanded municipal services to meet disaster-related needs.
  • The House passed an amendment to the Department of Homeland Security Appropriations Act of 2014 sponsored by Congressman Pascrell to increase the Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response (SAFER) Grants and the Assistance to Firefighter Grants (FIRE) by $2.5M each.
  • Congressman Andrews announced the fire departments of Runnemede, Bellmawr, Barrington and Haddon Heights will receive a total of $546,354 from the federal government to purchase new life-saving equipment.


  • June 10
    Fundraiser for Assemblyman Craig Coughlin
    8:00 AM -10:00 AM
    Mastori's Diner (144 Route 130, Bordentown)
  • June 13
    New Jersey Democratic State Committee Reorganization Meeting

  • June 20
    Fundraiser for Assemblyman Dan Benson
    6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
    Clarksburg Inn, 465 Stagecoach Road, Clarksburg, NJ 08510
    Tickets: $25 per person, Sponsorships: $1000 Platinum $500 Gold $250 Silver
    Please RSVP by June 17th, Call: 609-785-1992
  • June 24
    Save the Date! Rep. Rush Holt is hosting a Cocktail Party with some of Trenton's best and brightest New Jersey's Young Politicos
    Settimo Cielo (17 East Front St, Trenton)
    5:00 - 7:00 PM GUEST: $40 | HOST: $200 | CHAIR: $400 To RSVP or for more info, CLICK HERE
    Or contact Annie O’Toole at (609) 799-0800 or

  • June 25
    Chairman/Assemblyman John Wisniewski's Beach Blanket Birthday Bash
    Breakers (1507 Ocean Avenue, Spring Lake)
    6:00-8:00 pm
    Tickets $500
    Contact Doug Dodson at 732.525.1400 or

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John Wisniewski, Chairman
New Jersey Democratic State Committee


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